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My name is Stine and I am Andreas's protable computer. He usually takes me along with him wherever he goes. He thinks it is fun to be able to say he has his girl in his bag...

A bit about myself

I am a Compaq Contura 4/25cx. That means that I have am a 486DX computer with a speed of 25 MHz when I get food or electricity as it supposedly called. When I am not connected to the wall I reduce my speed to 12,5 MHz so I don't get too tired!

I have a looooooovely colour screen that Andreas likes a lot except that it could be a bit bigger.

I have built-in mouse but it doesn't work very well jsut now.

I also have a 200 Meg harddisk which Andreas usually has filled to the brim.


When I want to be really nasty I make a loud horrible sound in class when Andreas is using me. It is great because everyone turns and looks and he goes quite red.

When Andreas attended Telemark College in a couple of fun things happened when I beeped in class. Once the lecturer asked Andreas in front of over 100 other students if it was his mobile telephone!!! And another time the lecturer went on and on about how bad the fire-detecting apparatus was!!!

By the way: You have to take a look at my friend's homepage, Pernille!

Bye for now, and take care!

Love Stine!

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