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From the 10th to the 15th of August I went together with a pile of other visually impaired young people to Amsterdam. This was the first time the Norwegian Association of Blind and Partially Sighted arranged a trip abroad. (Except for the Nordic summer camps).

Saturday, August 10: Going away...

We all met up at Fornebu airport in good time before departure. The original idea was to travel by boat but it burnt up some months in advance.

Photo of Loyd waiting for his luggage Loyd is thinking something like: Where can my baggage be? Here he is standing at the baggage claim at Schiphol airport outside Amsterdam. Luckily all our baggage came as it should.

It was really nice to see so many people I knew again, especially since I had not seem many of them for some time.

We piled into the plane and got down to the Netherlands and Schiphol which is the airport outside Amsterdam.

Photo of Outside the train station in Amsterdam This was the starting point for all our expeditions in Amsterdam. Remember, we had to take the train every single day! Here you see Loyd, Siri, Trine, Einar, Tore Johnny, Kristin W., Henrik, Camilla and Anette.

On the bus ride to our hotel our guide told us about the Netherlands and the area around Amsterdam. Our hotel was situated outside Amsterdam so we had to take the train every day to the town centre.

After a walk around the area, we ate dinner at the hotel. The food was quite good but a bit on the expensive side. We had noticed some quite exiting restaurants not far away...

Photo of Einar and Trine on the train Hello everyone! This is Einar and Trine sending a little greeting to all our friends from the train in the Netherlands!

Sunday, August 11: First day in Amsterdam

I wanted to get up and eat breakfast before Ivar had planned that we should eat breakfast. It seemed I was the only one, so I didn't get up early after all.

Photo of Loyd looking in a guide book It is always important to have a long a little guide that can tell you what you can do when looking around a new place. Here Loyd is busy finding out what he wants to do. We actually did quite a lot of strange things, both in Amsterdam and the surrounding places.

This was our first day in Amsterdam. First we visited the museum of Anne Frank. It was quite interesting because we could see just how the lived during the war. Even if it is a long time since I read the diary of Anne Frank, I still remembered quite a lot of it. The only thing that was a pity was that there were small models of the rooms in glass cases which made it difficult for me to see.

Photo of Ivar and Geir Åge outside the museum of Anne Frank We had to stand in queues outside some of the museums. Here you see Ivar and Geir Åge among others waiting to get in to the museum of Anne Frank.

We ate lunch at a pancake house. There we got pancakes in many different variations. I tried one with pineapple and ham.

Photo of Anne Frank This wax figure of Anne Frank is quite realistic, I think.

It is not just in London you can find Madame Tussaud's waxworks. I found one in Amsterdam too. There were pretty many interesting people there, though many of them were Dutch people I did not recognize. Beyond that some of the wax figures were copies I have seen in London.

Monday, August 12: Proper tourists

Photo of Einar Johan Aareskiold Fiskvik Then we have Einar. A typical conversation with him goes something like this:

Photo of Train information box We had to take the train in and out of Amsterdam every day. Her you see a typical information box showing which train we could take (and which train we shouldn't take!)

Photo of Church in the attic One place there was a church in the attic of a big building.

Photo of Tour of the canals We also went with one of the tourist boards on the canal for a peek. But to be honest, I didn't see a bit of what we were meant to see. I just saw a lot of bricks and some water. I wanted to take a little nap but the seats were some of the must uncomfortable I have ever seen.

Tuesday, August 13: The cheese village of Edam

When I first was visiting the Netherlands, I had to take a trip to a cheese village. That is why we went to the small lovely village of Edam. It was just how a small cheese village should be!

Photo of Next stop: Edam Cecilie, Ågot and Hanne T are in front of one of the bridges leading into the centre. I just had to take a picture before we went into the village.

We walked around in all the small streets in Edam. there were many small narrow streets with houses and shops.

Photo of The centre of Edam In the centre of Edam ran a little river. As you can see, Edam is a very picturesque village.

When you are in Edam and want some lunch, it goes without saying that you eat a cheese plate! I have to say there was a lot of good cheese! I have to confess that I do not like all cheese, especially the mould cheese. But the Edam cheese was really good. It isn't that different from normal cheese I eat at home.

Photo of Cheese lunch Here you see Gunnar, Trine, Einar, Hanne Å, Hanne T, Cecilie and myself.

After we had got the bus back to Amsterdam from Edam, Loyd and I decided that we would take a bike ride on the canals. While the others went on yet another shopping trip, we found a cycle boat and spun around on the canals. It went fine as long as there wasn't a tourist boat tooting at us...

Photo of View from the cycle boat This is how it looked like when Loyd and I were out on the canal.

Wednesday, August 14: Den Haag

Instead of going to Amsterdam, we took the train in the opposite direction towards Den Haag. First we visited a miniature town with elements from all of the Netherlands.

Photo of Einar and the face At last Einar met a woman with a big mouth...

Afterwards we wanted to go to the Courts of Human Rights but they closed before we could make it. Instead we looked around the shops of Den Haag. This town didn't seem as nice as some of the other places we had been.

Thursday, August 15: Home...

Photo of Group photo So here we are. Nearly all of us. Behind from the left: Mrs Thorsen, Bent, Hanne T., Henrik, Geir Åge, Line, Gunnar, Loyd, Siri, Tore Johnny, Terje Andre, Andreas, Einar, Geir Ove, Ivar and Anette. Front from left: Anita, Kristin W., Kristin R., Laila, Hanne Å., Cecilie, Trine, Margrete, Torø and Camilla. Ågot probably didn't want be in the picture because he took all the pictures...

This day we had to start early to catch the plane home. Some of us decided it was much fun to sit up and chat than to snore through the last few hours.

After a group photo something happened: The bus did not turn up! Luckily it was only delayed.

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