Christmas 1996

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Photo of Dinner in front of the TV This is how proper burgers should be. I can't really remember what I was watching on the TV...

Photo of The Camper Jane was quite right when she boasted of the van we rented. To the left is the shower, behind her is a bedroom and to the right is the toilet. You can just see the fridge to the left.

Photo of Di makes food My aunt is here busy preparing some food in the kitchen.

Photo of The gang Here you see a portion of my family! From the left is Per, Terje, Jane, Di, Kent and Suzie.

Photo of Per on the plane The flight over the Atlantic may seem long, but it can go surprisingly quickly.

Photo of A long way from Sognsvann Outside a large mall one morning there was this awesome fog, so I just had to take a picture. Jane became the victim.

Photo of Last proper burger Wow! Do you mean this is the last “proper” burger I will eat for some time?

Photo of Burgers here and burgers there At Universal Studios we also had to have some food. Hamburger, chips and Coke seemed like the natural choice.

Photo of A little rocket... A Saturn V rocket (I believe) was on display at the Kennedy Space Center. It was simply unbelievably enormous. Here you see Jane at one end which may give a slight indication to how massive it was.

Photo of Alligators Here you see Terje and Per looking at some alligators. Cosy animals!

Photo of Zzzzz When you are on holiday, you have to relax! Here Per is doing just that, in front of our van. It isn't each Christmas he can sit outside and sleep.

Photo of My cousin Suzie Christmas day was a lot of fun.

Photo of In heaven? This is my brother, Terje. Closer to total happiness is probably difficult to find: To lie in bed with the remote control!

Photo of Plastic Christmas tree When it is Christmas, one has to have a Christmas tree! Jane got this on sale for five dollars and was very happy with the scoop. With good help from the Coke can, Terje is busy decorating the tree...

Photo of The Christmas tree at Epcot In the middle of the Epcot Center there was a large tree (which did not look real!) with “Happy Christmas” in pots of different languages.

Photo of Universal Studios Universal Studios was a great place. Even Jane and Per liked being there!

Photo of Swimming in the sea on Christmas Eve I have never swam in the sea before on Christmas Eve. Even though this was Florida, it wasn't very warm in the water.

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