Easter 1996

Norsk flagg

I had three weeks Easter holiday in Norway. I think that the Easter holiday of 1996 was one of the best Easter holidays I have ever had. Here I will tell you a bit of what I did.

One of the first things I did was to visit Alf in Bø in Telemark.

Photo of Brånan Alf stands proud in front of his house in Bø.

Alf had got a new job in Drammen so he had to move from Bø. I did get time to visit him before he left, though.

Even though Alf was busy moving, he did have time take a few days holiday.

In the mountains

Alf and I packed his car and set off. First we drove past Fagernes and nearly all the way up to Beitostølen in the Norwegian mountains. Here we visited Jonny who Alf has stayed with in Bø. He has a cabin there and we stayed the night. The next day we drove past Beitostølen and over the mountain. The road should have been closed at that time of year, but it was open because there wasn't that much snow. It was a very nice trip.

Photo of Nyseter Nyseter is situated beside a small river. It was good we could get quite close to the hut because we had lots of stuff with us. However, over this bridge we had to walk ourselves...

In the evening we came to Lesja where Rune lives after having driven up through the top part of Gudbrandsdalen. I had never met Rune before so I was a bit anxious to meet him and see what kind of person he was. Rune had earlier studied in Bø and lived in the same house as Alf.

Photo of Nyseter This is Nyseter. It had no satellite dish, no mobile phone coverage (to Alf's disappointment), no electricity and no running water. There was only air, a fireplace and a shed with a toilet.

First we were given some food by Rune's parents. We then got all Rune's and Øystein's (Rune's brother) baggage into Alf's car and drove away from civilization.

Photo of Alf skiing Here you see Alf on a skiing trip.

It didn't take very long before we got to Nyseter. We got all our stuff out of the car and over to the cabin, about hundred metres away.

Photo of Snow The scenery where we went skiing was breathtaking. Here you see a typical view in the afternoon.

Nyseter is what I associate with a proper mountain cabin. It is a far cry from all the modern devices of today. The cabin consisted of a fairly large living room and a small kitchen and bedroom. Alf, Rune and I slept in the bedroom, while Øystein slept in the living room.

Photo of Rune And here we have Rune!

We had not come to the mountains to sit indoors! It did not take very long time before Rune wanted to go out and we went skiing.

Photo of Going up the mountain You aren't just supposed to go between the mountains, but also climb to the top!

There were some other cabins near by so we had some tracks we could follow. I prefer not to make my own tracks because I find it difficult to see where to walk. The best is prepared tracks but that is a bit much to ask for up here in the mountains.

Photo of Therese Nilsen Therese and Rune met each other on a biology field trip. Øystein looked forward to the day when he was going to go on a field trip...

We went for quite a long trip on the first day. We skied through the valley and back in a big circle. I got very tired because I hadn't had any possibility to go skiing earlier in the winter. The skiing conditions aren't very good in Darlington! Even so it was a very nice trip, especially because of the fantastic scenery.

Photo of Rune's dog Here you see Rune's dog called Scippy. He also liked to come along skiing and run around in the snow.

The next day we went for a short trip along the river to a cave in the mountain. It was a fairly short and easy trip compared with the long trip the day before. It wasn't just me who appreciated the shorter walk... ;)

Photo of Valley of snow Way into the valley I took a picture back towards where the cabin is situated.

In the afternoon Rune drove down to Otta to fetch Therese, who is Rune's girlfriend. She came by train from Trondheim and she was with us for the rest of the stay.

Photo of Andreas at Nyseter Here you see me in front of Nyseter with Øystein in the background. As you can see, the weather was very good all the time!

Photo of Rune with his sack Rune always had a well-equipped sack with him when we were skiing. In the sack he had lots of different things. What Rune didn't in his sack wasn't worth having. He had everything from first aid equipment and a warm bag to sit in to a piece of chocolate he shared on the way home.

The following day we got a visit from Rune's parents. They probably wanted to see that we were not misbehaving. We probably didn't either. At least, they didn't complain.

Photo of A little rest A little rest with something to eat is very refreshing after a long ski trip. When this picture was taken we hadn't gone that far, but it was nice even so.

We also went for a ski into Skamsdalen. It was a bit difficult to see for me because of the light. When it is overcast, it is difficult to see the terrain because there are no shadows. When the sun is shining there are shadows in the snow making it easier to see.

Photo of Up and up... You don't just have to go between the mountains when you are skiing. It is very possible to climb up them as well!

Photo of Rune again! It seems this man from Lesja has crept onto yet another picture!

On the last day we climbed a mountain called Hurrungen i magnificent weather. Nearly at the top, Alf managed to get his mobile phone to work! So he couldn't resist the temptation. He just had to call down to Irene (Rune's sister) and tell them how we all were!

On the top of the mountain there was a fantastic view. It was so wonderful that it is difficult to understand without having experienced it. I felt I had the world at my feet, literally speaking. You could see for miles and miles in all directions with snow-covered hills everywhere!

The Ridderrenn 1996

During the last week of my Easter holiday I was at Beitostølen for the second time that Easter. This time I was there for a whole week to participate in the Ridderrenn.

Photo of Elisabeth This is Elisabeth, my guide at the Ridderrenn.

The snow was melting fast and we could see it retracting every day. It looked like there wouldn't be any snow left for the main race on Saturday. Usually the race is approximately 20 kilometres but this time it was only six because of the lack of snow.

Photo of Andreas and Elisabeth I had to get a picture of me together with Elisabeth!

Apart from the main race I also participated in the biathlon and the 10k, even though this also was shortened down a bit.

Photo of Andreas shooting with sound I participated in the biathlon during the week and here I am practising. Instead of having to look at the target you use a special device that makes sounds. The sounds vary depending upon how well you are aiming. It got extra difficult because the sound system behaved differently depending upon the light conditions.

The best with this week is undoubtedly all the people you meet. I have taken part several years now and I have many friends I only meet when I go to the Ridderrenn. Although there was some lack of snow I thought it was very fun and I hope I can go next year as well. Even if I am studying in England!

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