The West Coast 1995

Norsk flagg

After the Nordic Summer camp, I visited first Elin at Halsnøy and then Jonny who lives at Husnes. This is a small collection of pictures from the trip.

Photo of View of Husnes The view from the mountain of Husnes was excellent. Here you see the town centre and the smeltery where Jonny works.

Photo of View of the basin of Sunnhordaland Further up the view was even more spectacular. If there had been a little less haze that day, I am sure you could have seen all they way out to Bømlo...

Photo of Glacier? Even though it was August, we found some snow on the top of the mountain. This was indeed not a glacier, but we were not that far away from the glacier Folgefonna. Well, it was quite some distance away, but we saw it, at least.

Photo of En route to Rosendal The sun was shining and everything was as good as it gets. Here is the view from the car on the way to Rosendal.

Photo of The Barony We had to have a look at the Barony in Rosendal. Here you see a friend of Jonny who came with us in front of a mountain close by.

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