My friends

Norwegian flag

...Well some of them who have bothered to make a home page. Some of them are in English while the rest are written in Norwegian! These are (in alphabetical order):

Drawing Ole Jørgen Egner: A fellow who lived in the same corridor as me both the years I was in !
Picture of  Marianne Marianne Evang: A very nice girl who has lost her way to the Captial and (unfortunately) has a boyfriend!
Drawing Merete Evang: Marianne's younger sister. She is a very active e-mail writer!
Drawing Terje Gravvold: A fellow I have been at sommercamp with when I has small. We do not see each other that often.
Poor picture of  Henrik Henrik Holthe: A strange guy who realy is ok. Writes a bit on Huseby BBS.
Drawing Alf Normann Klausen: A good friend who studied in at the same time as me! You can find some pictures of Alf in my virtual photoalbum.
Drawing Tone Mathisen is a girl who (unfortunately!) is born two weeks before me and lives in Lillehammer. We have had a lot of fun together, particularly on some summer camps.
Picture of  Erik Erik Tollan Pedersen: Erik and I have done the layout for the student magazine BØSS through 93/94 and the whole of 94/95.
Pictore Steinar  on the phone Steinar Stjerna: He has rummaged from Trondheim to Lilleahmmer to study. You can meet him at Huseby BBS.
Drawing Stein Erik Skotkjerra does not like to be labled a computer nerd even though he really is one.
Drawing Erik Øvstedal: I have known Erik for some years now. He also writes at Huseby BBS.
Drawing Eline Øidvin is a girl who as made her way to the Captiol with the excuse of studying physiotherapy. She really comes from a small place called Tau just outside Stavanger.

There are room for more people here! If you want to be added to the above list, please email me and I may add you to it!

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